Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

RTG is here to surprise you with another unique slot machine experience which will take your game play to another level. With extraordinary game play and great features, this quality slot game experience is a must try adventure for all the lover or innovation and cats. These two go perfectly together as the main theme of the game is based on these wonderful furry creatures. There are some fantastic features to be explored in this game all of which come with generous rewards and great bonuses. You will also appreciate the top quality of the graphics and unique approaches of the creator towards the game play. All in one adventure is waiting for you, give it a try.

Theme and Symbols

The main characters of the Operation M.Y.O.W slot game are different types of cats all of which are full of incredible and generous surprises for you. The game also comes with 5 different pay tables which you are more than welcome to change at any point of your game play. The five pay tables include Lucky (White), Catman (Purple), Kung Fu Kitty (Yellow), Catzilla (Green), and The King (Pink). Depending on which pay table you may choose to play on, you will have different payouts which all have one great thing in common- all of them are nice and generous. The symbols you will be dealing with in this game include Lucky, Catman, Kung Fu Kitty, Catzilla, The King, Dragons, Flowers, Koi Fish and so much more. This is an exciting and very interesting game to explore and enjoy so come try it out.


The game play is very simple and rather classic. You will have 3 simple reels that are played on one single pay line. Your main goal can be hitting the top jackpot which can be worth up to 5000 coins. The second highest jackpot is worth 3200 coins and hence the game can be more than generous. The coin sizes start from just $0.05 and vary from $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 all the way to $5.00. Depending on how much you wish to wager on each of your spins, you will get to enjoy different top jackpots. And hence the great amount of 25,000 coins is waiting for you in case you go ahead and use 3 coins at the time at their top value. You will love enjoying great opportunities for the game which will always have something nice and special just for you. No time to get bored. Keep spinning.


Lucky for all the players, the game is nice and simple when it comes to exploring the nice features of the game. While the game play is being rather sophisticated sue to innovative options of choosing the pay tables, this is yet the only main thing for the game. The game itself is more than generous and fun and hence there are no special symbols or any specific bonus features. This guarantees smooth and stress-free game play which is always nice to enjoy. So you can have fun with your favorite characters without the need to worry about landing any special symbols. Join the wonderful and unique opportunity, enjoy the interesting graphics and design while having chilled and relaxing game play. Everything is here, perfectly lined up for just you. Simply enjoy!